A Thrilling slasher event

Dead By Dark Hour

Dark Hour Haunted House is excited to announce the launch of our newest show, Dead By Dark Hour! This survival-themed haunted attraction will transport guests into the world of 1980s style slasher films, where they must outwit, outrun, and outlast the Slashers stalking the halls. With immersive sets, high levels of interactivity, and a need to keep moving, this show is not for the faint of heart.

"We are thrilled to bring a new style of terror to our guests with Dead By Dark Hour," said Allen Hopps, Director of Dark Hour Haunted House. "This show is sure to be a hit with horror fans and adrenaline seekers alike."

Dead By Dark Hour will occur on Saturday, Feb 10th and will be a ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on our website or at the box office.

Dark Hour Haunted House is Plano-based haunted attraction that has been thrilling guests for the past decade. With a variety of shows and themes, there is something for every level of fear.


A Valentines Nightmare

Dark Hour Haunted House presents: Dead By Dark Hour - Saturday, Feb 10th

Meet The Slashers

You can't escape these killers – no matter how fast you run.

The Shriek

The Shriek was a talented young woman who sang in the church choir of a small town in Texas. She had a golden voice that could bring tears to the eyes of those who heard it, and she was deeply devoted to her faith. However, despite her kindness, jealous rivals had obtained some powdered glass and put it in her tea. The singer drank it without realizing the danger. The glass particles damaged her vocal cords and caused severe internal bleeding, leaving her in excruciating pain. She was rushed to the hospital, where she spent months recovering from her injuries. When she finally emerged from the hospital, she was a changed person. Prayer didn’t heal her, hatred did. The attack had left her unable to speak or sing, but she had developed a powerful and unearthly shriek that echoed through the streets whenever she was upset or agitated.

Determined to seek revenge on those who had wronged her, The Shriek began to haunt the town where she used to sing, stalking and terrorizing anyone who crossed her path. Wearing her black choir robe and a screaming ghost mask, The Shriek became a frightening and vengeful presence, driven by her own pain and anger.


Jacob was a huge Amish man who lived with his family on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. He was known for his strong work ethic and his love of hunting, which he often did in the woods surrounding his community. However, despite his outward appearance of piety and devotion, Jacob struggled with his feeling of blame for his mother’s death during his birth.

One day, Jacob's father asked him to travel to Texas to purchase a herd of cattle for their farm. Reluctantly, Jacob agreed to go, hoping that the trip would provide a distraction from his guilt. However, while he was there, he began to experience strange and unsettling occurrences that seemed to be connected to his past. Haunted by memories of his mother’s death and consumed by paranoia, Jacob became convinced that he was being punished for his actions.

While distracted he was kicked in the face by a bull, simultaneously shattering his skull and sanity. He awoke in an ambulance with a hard mask to protect his ruined face and full of painkillers his pure system could not comprehend. In a blind rage, he killed everyone aboard thus forever shattering himself in many ways.

Jacob ran into the woods where he used to hunt. There, he began to haunt the woods, stalking and terrorizing anyone who dared to venture into his territory. Wearing a mask and a hunting outfit to blend in with his surroundings, Jacob became a frightening and unpredictable predator, driven by his own inner demons.

The Shade

The Shade was once a boiler mechanic for a hospital, where he worked tirelessly to ensure that the building's heating and power systems were always running smoothly. He took pride in his work and enjoyed helping people, but he also struggled with feelings of inadequacy and a deep-seated anger that he couldn't quite understand.

One day, while working in the hospital's basement, The Shade had a freak accident that left him severely burned and disfigured. He was rushed to the hospital's burn unit, where he spent months recovering from his injuries. However, the experience left him deeply traumatized and filled with resentment towards the medical staff who he felt had let him down.

After he was released from the hospital, The Shade became reclusive and isolated, rarely leaving his home. He began to wear a white mask to cover his scarred face, and he became fixated on the idea of taking revenge on those who he believed had wronged him. He began to haunt the hospital where he had worked, stalking the corridors and preying upon anyone who crossed his path. He realized that his recovery took years for many people who had worked at the hospital were gone, even still…he had a deep desire to kill everyone. The Shade is a terrifying presence for anyone who dares to enter his territory.

Carl Cleaver

Despite his disturbing obsession with hacking up his victims with a meat cleaver, Carl Cleaver was actually a very pleasant man. He was well-liked by his colleagues at the local emu farm, where he worked as a butcher. But something snapped inside Carl one day, and he began to develop a thirst for blood that he could not quench.

As his obsession with killing grew, Carl's appearance began to deteriorate. He became bloated but gaunt, with sunken eyes and dusky skin. He started to resemble a crackhead, and people began to avoid him on the street. But this only fueled his desire to kill, and he began targeting easy prey - anyone who was small, weak, or distracted.

Carl was a little fat and lazy, and he only killed people who were easy to carry back to his windowless van. He really enjoyed murdering and talking about murdering with other murderers on Facebook. He would lure his victims in with a friendly smile and a joke, and then hack them to pieces with his trusty meat cleaver, what a great time. Despite the grisly nature of his crimes, Carl remained charming and affable, even to his victims. Some would even say “this has been great” as they bled out. As the body count began to rise, the local authorities were unable to catch him.

Now, he stalks the streets at night, searching for his next victim. Despite his jovial demeanor and crackhead appearance, Carl will chase you down, if its downhill and you are not too spry.

Alicia Spades

Alicia was once a normal teenage girl who lived with her parents in a small town. However, when she was 13 years old, she witnessed her parents being killed in a tragic car accident. The trauma of this event caused Alicia to develop dissociative identity disorder, which caused her to create a new, violent personality to cope with the pain. This new personality, which took on the name "Raincoat Killer," was obsessed with death and enjoyed causing pain to others.

As Raincoat Killer, Alicia began to kill people in her town, always wearing a yellow raincoat to cover her identity. Eventually, she was caught and locked up in a mental institution, where she remained for several years. However, on the night of her 18th birthday, she managed to escape and has been on the run ever since. Now, she haunts the abandoned buildings near where she used to live, waiting for new victims to appear. New Raincoat, same murder spree.

Bart The Mime

Bart was once a talented mime artist who traveled the world performing in various circuses and theaters. He was known for his silent acts of magic and illusions, which often left audiences gasping in amazement. However, Bart had a dark side that few people knew about. Behind the scenes, he struggled with intense feelings of jealousy and envy towards normal people, and he often resorted to causing screams to shatter his quiet world.

One night, while performing at a prestigious theater in Texas, Bart's jealousy finally got the best of him. In the middle of his act, he snapped and murdered an audience member in a fit of rage. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison, but he managed to escape and fled to the wooded areas of Collin County, where he lived in hiding for many years. Now, Bart haunts the land, silently stalking his victims and seeking revenge on those who wronged him. Since he lives in silence, Bart takes pleasure in hearing the screams of his victims as he terrorizes them.

Harvey Warren

Harvey Warren was a rough and rugged oil prospector from Texas. He spent most of his days searching for oil deposits in the caves that dotted the rugged landscape of the state. Despite the dangers of his profession, Harvey was always confident in his abilities and never hesitated to take on a challenge.

One day, while searching for oil in a particularly deep and treacherous cave, Harvey's luck ran out. A sudden cave-in caused the cave to flood, and Harvey's crew was forced to abandon him, leaving him no way to climb out. As the water rose around him, Harvey knew he was doomed. He resigned himself to his fate and closed his eyes, waiting for the end. But the end never came. Somehow, Harvey survived the cave-in and the flooding, and he emerged from the cave a Darker being. Driven by a desire for revenge against those who had left him for dead, Harvey emerged, fully decked out in his old exploring gear and ready to take on anyone who dared to cross him.

Now, Harvey haunts the caves and rural areas of Texas, searching for anyone who might have a hand in his abandonment he will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

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