Education Is Our Passion



Monster Camp

Monster Camp is a fully immersive hands on weekend designed for serious students to learn the mask making process.  Hosted on site at the Stiltbeast Center for Theatrical Arts at Dark Hour Haunted House, everything you need to create is supplied for you and classes are kept small to encourage a personalized direction. Students learn every step of this craft from sculpting, molding and painting to strapping and final details.

Education For All

Monster Camp is not just for those in the themed attraction industry. Some of our students have never set foot in an attraction and simply wish to stretch their artistic talents. Anyone who wishes to learn this very unique craft is welcome.

The Breakdown

We have many different modalities for our Monster Camps. Check out the video below for the full breakdown of each class structure!

Artistic freedom unlocked

Airbrush Lab

Demystify the airbrush with our hands on Airbrush Lab.  Learn basic skills, trouble shooting and speed drills to meet the challenges you may face while using an airbrush!

Hands On Training

We keep our classes small so that you will receive the individual attention you need to learn the art of airbrush.  No previous experience necessary, and being part of a themed attraction is not required to utilize this medium.  Airbrush is an adaptable skill that enhances many hobbies!


Stilt Walker Lab

Stilt Walking can elevate the ambiance and intensity of any event! From parades, parties, themed attractions, or even sales, stilt walkers stand out, and offer a stage built in to your performer! 

 Our experienced instructors provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. From mastering balance to perfecting your stride, participants will discover the joy and confidence that comes with navigating the world on stilts.

Safety is Key

Our Stilt Walking instructors are seasoned in the art, and have crafted a lab built to keep you safe, and teach you the best practices when performing on stilts!

Small Classroom Setting

Whether stilt walking or monster making, our classes are kept small to encourage learning and better personal instruction.

Everything You Need Is Provided

We provide it all for every class and lab. Your tools and materials are ready for your educational experience to begin.

Easy Access To Our Facilities

Located at Dark Hour Haunted House, Stiltbeast Center for Theatrical Arts is only 25 minutes from Love Field and DFW airport.  

Please contact us with any further questions!