The Coven

The dark hour Story continues

Beware the Thirteen

“Bound by blood, We fear none. Our Coven’s reign has just begun.”

The Thirteen have combined their dark powers and converged upon a sinister path, one that leads to a future plagued by perpetual darkness. The Dark Hour Coven has called upon many powerful witches, each with histories of evil that transcend time itself. The horrors stirring now within this place have commanded the attention of ancient evils…what has awakened now threatens us all.
     The Dark Hour Spell will plunge the world as we know it into the deepest, darkest pits of a dimension not meant for human souls. This spell requires a strength and darkness of magic that has yet to be seen. Fueled only by the cries of true fear, the pain of humanity, and the torment of human souls…the screams of the innocent will charge this spell and shall plummet us all to our doom.

Beware The Thirteen…

scream loud, scream often.™

Dark Hour is a state of the art haunted attraction located in Plano, Texas. After first opening in 2013, the professional team behind this movie-quality themed attraction has been delivering intense, heart-pumping thrills and chills to many Texans and patrons from afar! 

Meet The Witches of Dark Hour

The Haunted House

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The Coven

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