Psychic Day Q and A


We asked Catt Johnson (AKA The Psychotic Psychic) a few questions in honor of Psychic Day:

Q “What exactly does it mean to be psychic?”

A: “That’s a fun question, and if you ever find that answer I hope you’ll share with me! LOL! Seriously, however, all I can answer is what it means “to me”. People have this T.V.-based perception that being psychic is some sort of magical “I have a cheat book in my head with all the answers to everything” type thing. It is anything but that… In fact, I often end up with more questions than I do answers. The reason for that is that we are all individual people, with individual histories, and individual ways of processing and feeling about things. My own personal ways of seeing life will not be the same as anyone else’s yet I get other people’s feelings, and sometimes thoughts. All I know is how they feel, not WHY. Add in how people are a huge damned mess of jumbled up spaghetti emotions because life is never simple… But that is where my cards come in. They help to pare down the every-damned-thing that is you into small manageable bite sized pieces. I still have to struggle with my emotional reactions to your emotions, but that is where practice comes in. So… what does being psychic mean to me…. It means I have to always be careful of my emotional state when I go anyplace there is people because I will pick up stuff that is not ‘me’ if I am not careful. It also means that I have a something inside of me that I can use to maybe help some people. A sight outside of yourself seeing your feelings and able to talk with you about them. A neutral friend. A counselor that has no vested interest in your decisions and opinions, and does not have to spend weeks getting to your inside squishy emotional bits. Sometimes it is knowledge I might or might not should have, sometimes it is little more than an inkling that someone needs to hear a truth. Sometimes it is merely a validation of something you already know, but just need to hear from someone else so that you know your feelings are real, and have a reason for being there. Someone safe to lean on, since I do not know you, yet “I know” and I will keep your secrets. I can see a bit more broadly than many since we are all inside our own lives and it is difficult to get that outside, broader perspective. Hearing that perspective sometimes gives someone that last little bit of information they need. It is a push inside of me that needs to be let out now and again. Almost like a calling, but in a more “nosey busybody” way – LOL!”

Q “When did you notice your special ability?”

A: “Notice” and “knew what the crap it was” are two TOTALLY different things. When I was a kid- like young to middle teenager- I just found myself becoming more and more uncomfortable around large groups of people. I was a strong, very individual person, and very personable, yet… uncomfortable. I was raised without ever having even a hint that “special brain stuff” could be real. So I spent many years truly thinking I was slowly going insane. I would feel strange things that had no place in my head, and I would even get sick in larger gatherings of excitable people. The older I got, the stronger this “stuff” got, and I had zero clue that it could be controlled, or that it was even real. Ergo, nuts in the brainbox. One day, I went to a party, and lucky for me, a guy there actually had a damned good handle on the way life can work. He helped me. Gave me a very quicky lesson in what direction to look into as far as my “insanity” was concerned. He even gave me my first deck! Anyway, thanks to that nameless, wonderful man, I got a grip on myself, and started to learn. Once I started to trust myself, the rest become so much more comfortable, and after comfortable, came control. After control came “Hey! I can use this weirdness to help people!” Then came the calling…. and here we are!”

Q “Have you ever communicated with anyone that has passed?”

A: “Yes. Next question. LOL! Okay… I’ll give more. Yes, I have. But it is very very strange, and weird-making inside my head. It is not something I do often at all, and usually I actively try to block such stuff. Most often, if someone (something?) needs to talk to me from ‘over there’ dream time is the better time for that. Sometimes, however, someone needs me whether I am asleep or not. Like, that time a few years ago when I was doing a reading for a lady who NEEDED to know how her son died. I will not give those details, but he was there, and he talked to her as best he could through me. Fortunately for my comfort-zone, the majority of people who pass, move along, and do not need to jump onto my head. Some psychics have that talent inside of them, and they do much better than I do at such communication. My talent is empathy and such, so going beyond that is weird since there are emotions associated with being “over there” that have no analogy to being over here. I guess it would be like trying to define how a frog would handle feeling our emotions. Weird-making.”

And that is what The Psychotic Psychic, Catt Johnson, had to say! Catt will be available for readings during our show this Halloween season from September 25-October 31st!

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Happy Psychic Day, from Dark Hour Haunted House.