SHOW DATES: February 9, 10, 14 of 2018


Love is blind, darkness revisited…

Everybody knows the legend of Coven Manor. You know, that creepy old mansion on the edge of town where they used to practice witchcraft. They say the worst witch of all was Giselle Scuro, the one who had her heart broken by a mortal man. In a fit of rage she plagued the land surrounding the manor, casting it into darkness. The sun never shines and the moon never glows in the immediate area of the estate. Paranormal investigators have had an infatuation with the place for years. Although, no one has ever uncovered any solid evidence of anything malevolent, scientists cannot explain the nighttime phenomena that surrounds the estate. The county has condemned the property and warned trespassers to stay out of the long abandoned and rotted old house.

But that’s a bunch of superstitious jargon! It’s time to party! Join us as we sneak into the infamous “Coven Manor” for the party of the century! Bring a date. Don’t be late!

This Valentine’s Day… it’s going down on the edge of town! Ghost stories and cops aren’t gonna stop us! RAVE ON!