Wreck the Halls

SHOW DATES: December 15-16 & 29-30 of 2017

In an effort to reinforce the coven’s coffers, the Ice Witch, Frosne Wintergreen, has forged a deal with the notorious Christmas miser, Ebenezer Scrooge.  While he believes he has hired the coven to prevent the spirits from haunting him as he continues his close-fisted ways, she has used the opportunity to harness the power of the season to summon something that is certainly not merry or bright.

As her evil cold seeps and spreads across the land, so do the Krampus, the fabled Christmas demon, dragging with them the naughtiest of all the children to run amok in the Manor House.  The North Pole penitentiaries find their halls empty as the evilest of elves take up residence with the witches to create the unholiest of jolly holidays.