Summer Spirits

Coming Back to Dark Hour in 2017

SHOW DATES: June 16-17 of 2017

The Dark hour witches have not always had a public hold over Coven manor. In the late 60’s It appeared they were driven from it entirely and the manor became Annabelle Noire’s school for troubled girls. Young women sought refuge in the twisting halls and dark rooms that fill the space of the School.

Instead of being shown the light and the error of their ways the darker sides of the girls were fed. Paranormal incidents occur with alarming frequency even a fire ripped through the manor, and while work was being done to repair the damage it inflicted, rumors flew about curses on the workmen, the builders finding early deaths and being driven slowly to madness. The manor itself and the spirits the walls contained conspired to make the little girls instruments of ancient dark forces.

Travel through an almost all female cast as Dark Hour pays homage to what the world is truly afraid of…possessed little girls.