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“Superior haunted house! This is without a doubt THE Haunted House attraction in the DFW area. We go monthly and have noticed several things in our visits. First, the sets change every month to fit the story line (yes, there is a story line!) and are very detailed. Second, there is always a coupon available for $3 off each ticket. Third, parking is paved, free, and rarely an issue unless around Halloween. Fourth, it’s open one weekend almost every month. Fifth, there is entertainment while you wait in line – singers, dancers, story tellers, jugglers, etc. We could go on and on, bottom line – go see for yourself!” -Om & Nom, McKinney, TX

“Hollywood quality haunted house! A lot of detail has gone into this place. Truly an experience with a story line. This is not a place that “scary” people simply jump out and say “boo!” The path twists and turns so you never know where you are truly going. Make sure to tack on the added value of the Terra Del Monstrum only available for the Halloween season.” Hogiepaw, Plano, TX

“So cool! Different than any haunted house I hve experienced. It was like walking through a fantasy movie. Not so much a cheap thrill or scare but more use of unexpected elements and attention to detail.” -Melinda H.

“Amazing haunt with events all year! This place is amazing. Cinema quality animatronics, costumes, and decoration. Very scary but so much fun. Best haunted attraction that I have ever experienced.” JTack96

“Outstanding! If you’re looking for a first-rate “haunting,” look no further. We went as 2 couples (in 50’s) last evening. First, they have some entertainment in the lobby to keep you occupied as you wait your turn to enter. It may have been because Halloween is still a few weeks away, but they did an outstanding job of spacing out the groups. For the most part, it was just the four of us. Not outrageously gory, they instead focused on excellent special effects and strong actors. It was instantly easy to forget that we were in a former sporting goods store, as they provided scenes that were both creative and surprising. It took approximately 25 minutes to go thru the haunted hour and then we toured the “Terra del Monstrum.” Definitely buy the combo ticket! All told, it took approximately 1 hour. We did the Six Flags Fright Fest last year, and I can honestly say that other than their musical show, this was better. Halloween isn’t the only time the facility is open, so check out their calendar. We have a 23 & 26 year old coming for the holidays, and are planning to take them to their “Wreck the Halls.” Didn’t think I could be caught off guard, but instead learned that my lungs work just fine!” -PAPam, Dallas, TX

“Last night we attended Dark Hour Haunted House for the St Patrick’s “slay” show.  We have visited this haunt both during the Halloween season and for their Christmas show.  I’m pleased to say that they have raised the bar once again.  This show, hands down, was our favorite production to date.  Bravo to Dark Hour’s creative team and everyone involved with this show.  I’m looking forward to see what you all come up with next.” -The Haunted Review

“Some of the best attention to detail and acting that I have seen. Love the story line and how everything comes together. Went through it once, and immediately bought tickets to see it again, it was that good.” -Dawn N.

“This haunt is TOP quality! Everything is so detailed and on point. They have even put in smells. The actors are awesome and I love how they have dancers and shows when you’re waiting in line. This is a MUST see haunt!” -Sara Noelle A.

“My husband & I had an amazing time! We did VIP. I would recommend this to any haunted house fanatic. It is well worth the price! You even get to be part of the haunted house! How awesome is that?!?!?” -Nicki C.

“Went there on Friday the 13th with two of my best friends…..I almost died…and peed myself…then died again….SOOOOO FREAKIN GOOD!!!! SO MANY SCARY PEOPLE…I might have actually peed a little lmao!! Definitely going next Halloween!” -Jennifer G.

“Probably the best individual haunted house we’ve been to in DFW. The production and set were amazing… not to mention the effects. They even have a stage and perform a dance routine as you wait in line. We had a GREAT time!” -Tiffany W.

“My friends and I had a blast visiting last weekend. Some unique elements I haven’t seen before in a haunted house. The waiting-in-line entertainment was great and very unexpected! Great staff.” -Katherine B.

“YOU GOTTA GO HERE!!!!! I was REALLY impressed. Let me tell you- I don’t impress easily either. This is not your typical blood and guts haunted house, no it’s much MUCH classier than one of those. The work that has gone into this place is phenomenal. And the Christmas theme was a hoot! LOVE Krampus! Everything is very well done, the scenes are AMAZING and the actors were all working it hard. You really should treat yourself and go have some spooky fun. They are open again the weekend after Christmas…..there is something scarier than your relatives on a sugar high GO!” -Holly Hinkle A.

“…the hour long drive and $32 for both attractions was well-invested. The minute you walk through the front doors you are transported to this haunted world. I cannot express how utterly blown away I was at all the effort! I can tell blood, sweat, and tears went into this production (and it really truly is a production!). Another thing is, I would have liked to see performers on the stage while waiting in line, but I digress! I hope this haunt thrives and comes back next year. For being so new, you guys have really raised the bar!” -Caroline P.

“This is one of the better haunted houses in DFW. It had more detail than any I have seen. We were so busy looking at all the detail we missed a couple of scares. The animatronics were awesome too, not cheesy like most. The sets were breathtaking.” -Lindsey S.

“The best for your money!! Awesome effects and detail! The most money iv seen invested in a haunted house! I’ll be back next year!!!” -Whitney Elise G.

“The best haunted house ever! Special effects, actors, animatronics were top notch!” Carl C.

“Another AMAZING production!!! It is new and different every time! We love this place!” -Angie Spilka S.

“We drove 1.5 hours in the rain to go Dark Hour! It was 100% worth it, very impressed! It’s unlike any haunt I’ve been to! You can definately tell that they put a lot of hard work into this place! Very, very clean atmosphere! The staff is very helpful and friendly! This is my #1 DFW haunt.” -Aaron R.

“I’m a bit of a haunted house snob and I was blown away with this HH! Characters, details, costumes, make-up, sets, rooms, creativity. It was worth every penny! We had about 1hr wait but were entertained with a ‘show’ and managed to see it twice (must happen every 1hr). I highly recommend! I wish we could have gone through it slower just to look at the sets…amazing!!!” -Angela Loftis A.

“If you don’t go here, you are missing out. BIG TIME! Most original.” -Chadwick S.

“I attend several haunted attractions through out the DFW every year so when a new attraction opens I’m a bit skeptical. I figured with the amount of marketing put into the Dark Hour it was going to be really good or really bad. I’m pleased to say their hard work and obvious dedication paid off! There is so much to look at as you travel through Dark Hour and there is plenty of entertainment while waiting in line. I wont spoil any of the surprises but there are some great scares and excellent actors all through the attraction. I’m looking forward to see how they expand and build on to Dark Hour next season! Worth the money!” -John K.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! I love it!!! More, more, more!!” -Pat Gallagher M.