Dark Hour Logo

Dark Hour Haunted House

Enter the World of Dark Hour! Find yourself trapped between an evil coven of witches and a powerful voodoo tribe as they battle to reign over the souls of man! Your journey takes you through a cemetery, a haunted manor, and other forbidden locales as you wind your way through three terrifying realms, joined together to create one horrifying Labyrinth!

Dominion of the Dead Logo

Dominion of the Dead

Your story begins where most tales end in a cemetery. But here, the dead can be found anywhere.. Except for their graves! Trek through a macabre boneyard populated with legions of living dead. There is no turning back and lingering here means certain doom. Your only recourse is to the make for the mansion that overlooks the cemetery. Will you find safety within its walls, or is that where your nightmare truly begins?

Coven Manor Logo

Coven Manor

Drawing on the power of a most unnatural eclipse, a band of witches has taken over a once peaceful estate and twisted it into a terrifying bastion of evil! Enter this house of darkness and discover the unspeakable deeds and horrifying rites this evil coven will use to bring about the Dark Hour and seal the fate of mankind forever!

Voodoo Vengeance 3-D Logo

Voodoo Vengeance

The once loyal servants of Coven Manor hope to defend our world from the evil witches who would destroy it. But to do so, they have turned to an ancient, dark power that they could never hope to master. Employing an army of white zombies, mystical relics and tortured effigies, can this tribe combat their wicked adversaries, or have they transformed themselves into something more horrible than the witches they hoped to destroy?